21 Jul

How is Windows 10 working for you?

Based on my experience with a number of clients this is a summary of what has happened with the new Operating System.

  • Pre-installed on a new computer.  This is normally more successful than upgrades. Generally a clean install with no baggage works better than an upgrade.  Some users are having performance issues though.
  • Permission based  upgrade of windows 7/8 computers. To some extent success depends on the complexity of your computer setup. For instance if you have installed many  pieces of software the upgrade process has more to deal with. Maintenance or lack of it may also make a difference. Some of these upgrades have experienced problems.
Will I like windows 10?

This is a common question and like all software preferences the answer is very subjective.  You may  like it and you may not.

Perhaps what you are asking is will I cope with it?  If you’re happy and flexible about learning a new operating system then you will be fine. If you don’t want to make the effort then it will take longer to get to grips with.

Do I have to upgrade?

The short answer is no. You may feel a little left behind but it’s your choice.



21 Jul

The trouble with free email accounts?

Having trouble with a free email account? You’re one of many I’m afraid! Quite a few of my clients have reported poor reliability on their free mail service over the last few weeks. Is there anything I can do to help? Well this is an old chestnut and as it’s not showing any sign of improving. I would advise you to consider (gradually) moving to a more reliable email service. This could mean paying for something decent or if you’re adverse to that idea at least use a more reliable free email service like Google Mail.

We’ll admit to being biased towards services that work. No one wants to waste their time on poor quality services whatever they may be.

If you’re running a a business  your email address should be based on your web URL (address) this will also make you look more professional.

22 Jan

Moving on from Windows XP

As most of you know by now Windows XP will no longer be supported from April 2014. For the majority of computer owners there is really only one option and that is replacing your computer! There’s really no point investing money in an old computer which has statistically a very short life ahead of it. Additionally ageing machines aren’t normally powerful enough to run the current operating systems ie Windows7 or Windows8. This leaves you with two things to consider, what to get next and how to manage the transition. We are currently recommending Windows7 (as opposed to windows 8), that’s if you’re sticking to windows. Otherwise there’s the Apple Mac range of computers. We are happy to help you with purchase advice, installing new computers and transferring your work from old systems.