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The number of services we provide continues to evolve driven by customer needs and ever changing technology.

Computer Consultancy

Unless you are lucky enough to have an expert on-hand most individuals just blunder their way through computer systems, often wasting money on the wrong kit and services and skimping on the basics such as decent computers and backup systems. Let us guide you through the maze of technology and give you appropriate and cost-effective advice.

Purchasing Advice

Computers tend to work reasonably well for 4-6 years, the exception being higher quality systems typically (£700 +).

If you are looking for a new computer, please consider Power Computing, John Lewis, or Costco. Most other retailers are sales focused and may sell you something unsuitable. Getting any “bargain” is a false economy.

Bargain Computers
Are cheaper, slower computers with less memory, storage space and slower components. Their performance is generally poor.

Secondhand Computers
They are even worse often old, under-powered and have issues.

Refurbished Computers
These are older computers that may have had some work done on them. The quality depends on the supplier. Think of buying a second hand car.

You generally get what you pay for!

Windows Computers
Most of our clients are still keen on this operating system but not all. I would not recommend spending less than £450 and ideally £500 plus depending on your budget. Minimum spec for Windows 10 is 8g ram (temporary memory) & 240g SSD (Storage space) and i3 processor or AMD Ryzen 3 3200G. Faster processors generally make for better performance. If you are handling large amounts of photos and video get more storage space.

Apple Mac Computers
Unlike Windows computers Apple controls the whole process from design through to manufacture. They make a range of models currently starting at £699 for the Mac mini. The all-in-one iMac is still very popular starting at £1099. The laptops start from £999. Many of our clients spend £1100 upwards. The decision here is probably between the all-in-one and the laptops.

Office software from Microsoft
This is not included (except for a short trial). Their packages change every few years. Currently labelled as Microsoft 365 their offer has expanded to include business services. The licenses are now mainly sold in annual subscriptions.
Microsoft 365

Home users Microsoft basics
If you need word processing and spreadsheets you could consider the package currently priced at £119.99. This does not include Email or business services.

Other Office software
There’s lots of other packages available. Some are free.
Libre Office
Soft Maker
Only Office

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