What is the main service you provide?

Technical support for computer users. This is the professional level of support you would expect from senior consultants. As we do this on a full-time basis, we are very experienced in a wide range of current hardware/software issues on today’s computer systems. We provide support for business and individuals.

Do you support Apple Mac equipment?

Yes, we enjoy working on Mac machines. We can install, network, and troubleshoot problems. Many of our clients have purchased Mac equipment in the last year or two.

Do you provide training?

No, but we can recommend some excellent trainers.

So how do I use your services?

Contact us when you need help with technical issues or wish to discuss any of the services we provide. We will be happy to provide advice and planning should you need it.

Do you supply computer hardware?

Only parts needed for basic repairs and networking. We have no wish to compete with the many retailers in today’s market. We can advise on purchasing kit to meet your requirements.

Do you know much about computer software?

Yes we have extensive knowledge of many packages and tools in common use. We can normally advise on software and tools to meet your needs.

How do your charges work?

The charges are based on hourly rates (call for current rates) plus travel time & costs for locations more than 15 minutes from base (Edgware, Middlesex). You’re very welcome to contact us for an estimate.

Ready to book or need more information?

We offer a Free Consultation!