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IT Support

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The number of services we provide continues to evolve driven by customer needs and ever changing technology.


Once you have two or more computers you may consider sharing files. We can install wired or wireless networks and setup sharing. We can also extend your existing networks and tackle issues such as weak signal in some parts of your property.

Broadband Support

Internet connections should be straightforward. There are several variations depending on your ISP, router, and your plan. Providing it has been activated we can install your router and link to your devices as required. Where there are issues, we can investigate with the co-operation of your ISP get your connection working again.


Getting your computer running optimally can be challenging as it is continually being undermined by power hungry applications, unnecessary software, and potential infections. We use several techniques to get your computer working at its best and advice you of the culprits. Even some immensely popular software can seriously slow things down.

Virus Control

Virus infections in computers are still, unfortunately, commonplace due to the persistence of virus writers. Today’s infections are written to resist removal. We can deal with infections and it’s best to catch to them early as they can do a lot of damage. We can also recommend and install protection software.

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